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Elevate your career with AxeHarbor, where innovation meets excellence.
We provide a supportive environment for continuous learning and growth.

Competitive Salary

Offering market-competitive compensation to attract and retain the best talent. Our salary packages are designed to reflect skills, experience, and contributions to the team.

Competitive Salary

We offer a market-competitive salary to attract and retain top talent.

100% Remote

Enjoy the flexibility of a fully remote work environment.

Unlimited PTO

Take the time you need to recharge with our unlimited paid time off policy.

Flexible Hours

Work on your own schedule with our flexible working hours.

Mind Health

We care about your mental well-being and have partnerships to recommend mental health professionals.

Career Growth

We provide opportunities for career advancement and skill development.

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Join our team and grow your career with opportunities.
We're looking for individuals who are passionate about innovation and excellence.

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Full-Stack Developer

NodeJS Full-Stack Developer focused on Frontend with React + Astro, and Backend with Express.

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